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The Global Student Leadership Summit (GSLS) is history in the making; GSLS will be the largest multi-day, international leadership summit for youth ever held! In April 2018 we will welcome over 3,200 youth and educators, from over 20 countries to London, Ontario, Canada. At GSLS, students and educators will have the opportunity to make real, valuable connections and work together to create a positive change in global leadership! Over the course of three days, they will experience inspiring speakers, interactive workshops and extensive peer collaboration.





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We have just launched the BIGGEST student leadership competition in Canada. The Global Student Leadership Summit is going to be the largest international, multi-day student conference ever and YOU could be right there, on stage in front of 3000+ people!! We are going to be searching across Canada for two student EMCEE’S to help us HOST GSLS  […]

Screw it, just do it!

I am not sure when exactly I felt that this was necessary or when I decided to make the final decision. It had been rolling around in my brain for a long time. Why wasn’t there a large international student leadership event? Something that wasn’t based on a religion, pushed by a corporation or a […]


As I sit in a cozy coffee shop in my little hometown of Orillia, ON during a snow storm I can’t help but think of who will be seeing this, where you live, what the weather is like and if it’s somewhere warm.… how much I want to be there! It has been a long, […]